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Interview Requests
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What is an Interview?
An interview is a multi-page spread where a series of questions are asked and the interviewee answers them. Simple enough, right?


Here you can sign up and request an interview to be created by us for your RP character page or RPG. It can include anything you want it too, but it will of course have some endorsements for the site, as would any other magazine. I only ask that you follow these simple rules and everything will work out smoothly. *NOTE* Since I am not printing a real magazine, the image with be in the form of a gif.

1) If you do not give me the information I require and do not message me back promptly, I will remove your comment and you will have to try again.

2) An RPG owner may request an interview for their RPG but only the owner(s). 

3) I only work on one interview at a time, so please be patient with me. If I am working on a RPG it will take me longer. Interviews are often pushed to the back of my list because they take so long and I am only one person, but have patience and it will happen.

4) Do NOT post desired photos in the comments, send them in a message.

5) If your character has a name, face, or any other change please notify me so that I may update your image. You will have to wait again if I have others on my que, but I will make you a top priority since you are a repeat customer.

6) You must have a completed "About me" for us to read so that we can compile our interview questions. We will follow up with 5 questions (3 for RPGs), send in a message and will need prompt responses in order to get things moving. If you have something you want the readers to know in particular, please let us know.

If you want a interview, please fill out the following form that will help me design the perfect interview for you. I will notify you when I am ready to work on it with you.

1) Character/RPG name:

2) Who is your play-by (or multiples for RPGs)?

3) To help me pick photos, give me at least 5 words that describes your character(s) [ex. Cute, Sexy, Sassy, Handsome, Devious, Punk, Queen, Shy, Sweet, etc].

*Remember to fill this out. Without it, you will not get an interview!
**If there is a particular photo you wish to have as the image, please send it to me in a message as a link. 
***I will post your interview gif on our status stream along with a link to your profile and it will be placed in our online gallery. I will also send you a copy of it to have for yourself once it is completed. 

Comments will be removed once the request has been filled.


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