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Age: 32
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Country: United States
Signup Date: June 19, 2020

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As a majority of us are here to write, whether it's working out how a character thinks, developing a plot, making friends, etc. We are all writers in one form or another. So, in this blog, I would love to give you an opportunity to share your work. If you write short stories, fan-fiction, novella, novels, etc. and you would be open to sharing your writing with us, please share it here.

Message me with a link to the story. Please include a title, genre, a brief synopsis, and a link to where we would be able to read your work or a link if the work is published and for sale.

I will post the information below for everyone to access it. Eventually, I'd like to open up the ability to host a cover contest for writers who may be interested in getting a cover for their story.

Thanks for sharing!


+sci-fi +action-adventure +dystopian
work in progress


The Colony RPG is up as "The Aftermath Chronicles" on Wattpad. The first installment and part of the second one are up. The first one has been featured twice on the site and is nearing 16k reads.
Link for "Alive":
Link for "His Eve":



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