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Age: 21
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
Signup Date: June 21, 2020

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.01 You are 100% allowed to use my content wherever you please. I only ask that you do not take credit for it, and that any links or credits remain intact. Our layouts will be coded specifically for writersRus; however, I will provide separate hide codes and the base themes so that they may be used on elsewhere.

.02 I do not take requests, commissions, or custom work.

.03 You make take whatever manips you want. A lot of them are older and were ones I made for my personal rping pages. The quality definitely varies both in resolution and skill, but I hope you are able to find them useful. My one request is that you do not use my manips as bases for other manips. It's always been a pet peeve of mine.

.04 You do not have to comment what you take, but it is definitely appreciated.

.05 You do not need to give credit for various codes such as nametext, lyrics, or biography sections.

.06 I, personally, do not mind if you mix my content with ones from other resource sites; however, please follow the rules of other sites. If they do not want content mixed, do NOT mix it.

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