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Age: 31
Sign: Leo

Country: Japan
Signup Date: July 18, 2020

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1: I may have a picture of just my character but that does not mean that I am single. Sometimes I just enjoy using single pics. So don't come at me with the intent of hitting on me just because of a picture.

2: I am not here for romance. I'm here to write. Romance and Ero style rp's can drown for all I care. And on that, I will not just pair my character with just anyone. Been screwed over too many times. I must honestly get to know you and there must be a chemistry between the two characters. In other words, it must be built up and not just jumped right into.

3: Once my character is with someone, then they will not look for another. I don't cheat and I don't tolerate others that cheat. And I don't deal with mcrper's because I don't want my character with you and then you tell me that another character on the same profile is with another. That's just wrong in my opinion.  

4: Rumors are annoying just as trouble making trolls are. Learn to get the entire story before jumping to conclusions. If you are going to believe only one person or whatever your eyes see without knowing each and every detail. Then for fuck sake, don't waste my time.

5: In real life I can be a kind person but I also tend to close myself off because I'm tired of getting runover by people. So pardon the dickish behavior. In character though, Sasuke can be a complete ass. That's just who he is. At least until after the war. Unless we are doing AU stories. Then it will go based on the story.

6: My character is straight, which means I won't go for men. Only for women. But not someone who is the age of Mirai or Sarada. Because that's wrong. Just like he won't date someone who is around his former sensei's age. 

7: Patience is a must. I do take days to weeks to respond. Mostly due to my own health. Physical or mental. If you don't like to wait, then don't bother adding me. I never rush people for replies and I ask the same in return.

8: Yes I use Discord. However, thanks to past events, I will not just hand it out to just anyone. You want it, then we need to have been speaking for awhile before that happens. So don't straight out ask for it.

9: I am a multi-para writer and I will not take anything under two paras. I don't want to waste my time typing up long replies just to get one sentence back. There's no point to that. Use the environment around the character. Their thoughts. Their mood. The events that are taking place. And the details to the conversation that is taking place to help build longer replies. Don't just give me one sentence to work with, because I won't do it. 

10: I will not be doing any group stories or groups in general. I do not wish to overload myself or fear my own writing. So if that's the only way that you write, then please don't bother adding me.

11: Discussions are a must. I will not deal with random starters. I want to know what timeline we're working with and what the both of us are wanting in the long run of the stories. So random starters are not welcomed.

I think that's it for now. Of course, I will update these rules as needed. So let's get to the point of this site and start writing together. XD

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Understood :)
~Seanne Uchiha

Posted by Seanne on Sat Aug 08, 2020, 22:08

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