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Eternal Queen Serenity TL T Kamen

Original Eternal Neo Queen Serenity since Myspace 2003.-I won't give up. Every one always told me. At the end of war there is hope and future. I will Make our future. So don't abandon hope and the future, either. Believe our star of hope.-
37 years old
Los Angeles, California
United States - 90004
Last Login: February 11 2021

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Eternal Neo Queen Serenity




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Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic
Height: 5"7'

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.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}

Usagi Tsukino

Information on the Queen Full Name:Eternal Neo Queen Serenity
Nicknames/Titles:Princess, Queen,Serenity, Usako, Bunhead, Dumpling.
Gender: Female
Alignment:Queen Of Crystal Tokyo and the Moon
Age:Unknown but appears in her teen years.
Race/Homeland:Human/Moon Kingdom/ Earth.
Hair: Blond
Skin: pale
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2
Weight: unknown
Physical Features: A cresent moon on her forehead.
General Happiness:Mamoru and her friends.
Social Level:Queen
Optimistic/Pessimistic: loves life
Positive Personality Traits: Yes
Negative Personality Traits: No
Misc. Quirks: Blah
Religion/Philosophy: Blah
Likes: Sleep her friends and Mamoru
Favorite Foods: Everything
Favorite Drinks: Everything
Favorite Colors: Blah

Dislikes: Blah
Hobbies:Eating,Reading manga playing in the arcade and spending time with friends and Mamoru
Relationship Status: TAKEN By Tuxedo Kamen
Place of residence: The Palace
Place of Birth: Earth
Occupation: Sailor moon/Ruler of the moon
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Scouts
Enemies: Negaverse
Wealth Status: Queen
Favored Weapon: All
Weapon Skill: Tries her best to use her weapons.
Magic AbilitiesRead the blog
Magic Strengths:Read the blogh
Other Information:Read the blog

I won't give up. Every one always told me. At the end of war there is hope and future.


Entrance of the Moon Queen Sometime after the twentieth century the Earth was struck by an unspecified disaster, and after it was saved by Usagi in the 30th Century she ascended to power as Neo-Queen Serenity. Through the power of the Silver Crystal the people of the Earth became functionally immortal. Once she became Queen, Serenity ceased to age, and continued to retain her youthful appearance for well over ten centuries.

Though Neo-Queen Serenity was unable to transform into Sailor Moon, she was in many ways much stronger than her younger self. She had a much greater control over the Silver Crystal and was able to use it over a very great distance, and even control it from another time.

I will Make our future. So don't abandon hope and the future, either. Believe our star of hope will never disappear as long as it keeps shinning.

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09-09-2020 9:32:01

Lol. I know. So. Shall we discuss a storyline? It seems hard to get an rp going when most of the verse is just chatting now and days. XD


09-08-2020 7:07:30

Lol. You never know if someone remembers. XD


08-09-2020 11:10:34

~*Saiyan Butterfly*~
Hello!! I hope things are good for you!!
Got a new layout!! Go take a look and read up on my bio if you haven't already!
I hope we can get along and become good friends!
Feel free to add me on discord at any point! Lunar🌙Butterfly#7337

With that said, let’s get something going!
~*Selentis Moon*~

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