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𝕽𝖎𝖓 💮

"~When she was just a girl, she expected the world, but it flew away from her reach, and the bullets catch in her teeth…life goes on, it gets so heavy….the wheel breaks the butterfly…every tear a waterfall…in the night the stormy night she closed
16 years old
Uchinada, Ishikawa
Japan - 11566
Last Login: November 06 2020

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Rin ("Bell") is a young, human orphan girl who became a traveling companion of the dog daiyokai Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands. She grew up as a ward of her village after her family was killed by thieves. During unknown times, Rin witnessed her parents and brothers being savagely murdered by thieves forever plaguing her with nightmares of their brutal deaths and a fear of humans.She was so traumatized that she became a mute. She never spoke to the villagers of the village she was raised in, even when the villagers would beat or scold her. Consequently, the villagers generally got frustrated with her strangeness and acted even more harshly towards her. Rin was generally allowed to do whatever she wanted, so long as she did not disturb the villagers. She discovered Sesshomaru in a forest near her village. She relentlessly and fearlessly tried to help the daiyokai, refusing to give up when he would not accept her help. She went through the trouble of finding food in the village preserves or in the forest itself, and brought this food to him. Sesshomaru never actually ate the food or accepted the help she gave him, but she continued with her actions. She was caught rummaging through one of the village's fish preserves, and some village men beat her and warned her not to do it again.[4] When she later brought food she foraged in the forest, Rin's visible injuries sparked Sesshomaru's curiosity, and he asked her about them. This brought about a beaming smile on Rin's bruised face. Sesshomaru scoffed at her and her smile, silently wondering what had made her suddenly so happy. When Rin returned to her home later that day, she discovered a thief going through her food. She was shocked and remained in the doorway, frightened by the man. When the man realized she was there, they could hear the sounds of the Wolf-Demon tribe attacking the village. Whilst the thief ran off, Rin realized that she had to get away from the village. She ran into the forest, hoping to get to where Sessh��maru was. However, the wolves gave chase to her and she was soon overcome and killed by themElsewhere, Sessh��maru had been rejoined by his traveling companions Jaken and a two-headed dragon. He picks up the scent of blood and discovered Rin's corpse in passing. Her death did not interest him and he had planned to continue on his way, but he recalled the girl's smile from earlier, which made him pause.[2] He unsheathed Tenseiga and it began to pulsate to him, making him able to see the messengers from the other world surrounding her corpse. To satisfy his sudden curiosity, he tests his sword Tenseiga and he slew them. Once he had, Sessh��maru knelt down by her side and showed surprise when she opened her eyes. Feeling his task complete, he stood back up and continued on his way, ignoring the questions from Jaken. Rin followed him, and became a part of his entourage from then on. She regained the ability to talk when she was revived, so she spoke very often to Jaken, the two-headed dragon whom she named A-Un,[5] and to Sessh��maru as well. Rin, being a young girl without combat skills, presented the problem of becoming a liability to Sessh��maru when he battled. She dutifully remained in safe places far from the battlefields as instructed of her, often awaiting his return with A�CUn and Jaken. She was also told she would have to fend for herself if she ever got hungry. This did not faze her, and she agreed since she already knew how to survive on her own. In turn, Sessh��maru would make stops as necessary to give Rin the time she needed to forage. Abducted The half-demon Naraku, bent on defiling the Shikon Jewel, had come into conflict with Sessh��maru's brother Inuyasha. In an attempt to force Sessh��maru's cooperation in ending Inuyasha's life, Naraku ordered his incarnation, Kagura, to abduct Rin. Rin was in a field of melons, with Jaken, trying to find something to eat, when suddenly Kagura appeared and abducted Rin. Rin found herself in a house with a boy named Kohaku. She tried to leave the house but it was surrounded by demons and she gave up on trying to escape. The two talked for a bit and Rin was surprised to find out that Kohaku had no memories of his family. She shared the melon that she was going to eat with Kohaku and told him that her mother, father and brothers were all slain by bandits. Sango, Miroku and Kagome come in search of the Jewel Shard in Kohaku's back and the two escape from the house while the others are fighting off the demons. Naraku then ordered Kohaku to kill Rin, and he attacked her. Rin managed to get away from Kohaku for a moment but he tripped her, causing her to fall unconscious. Before he was able to fulfill his orders, however, Sessh��maru appears to save Rin. Kohaku attacks Sessh��maru and Inuyasha and Kagome appear. Kagome goes over to see if Rin is alright and was relieved to find that she was alive. Kagome and Inuyasha beg for Sessh��maru to not kill Kohaku and he complies, but only because he does not want to do what Naraku wished. Rin wakes up and sees Sessh��maru. Kohaku escapes with Kagura and Sessh��maru sets off. Rin bids farewell to Kagome and follows after Sessh��maru. Second Death Sesshomaru's Grief Sessh��maru's first expression of pain and grief over Rin's second death. Ryoga04 Sessh��maru goes to see his mother in order to strengthen Meid�� Zangetsuha, his newest technique. When his mother brings forth a hound of the underworld he uses Meid�� Zangetsuha to cut down the hound. But it cannot be cut and sweeps Rin and Kohaku away and enters the portal that Sessh��maru opened. Sessh��maru follows a path and eventually catches up with a hound and attempts to slice him with his claws, only for the hound to dodge. Though for a moment Sessh��maru sees Rin and Kohaku in the stomach of the hound, and the minions of the underworld attempt to take Rin's spirit. Sessh��maru uses the Tenseiga to cut the hound in half and succeeds. Kohaku awakens only for y��kai to attack them. Sessh��maru commands Kohaku to take Rin and run. Sessh��maru easily does away with the y��kai but when one crashes into the path which Kohaku and Rin are on, Sessh��maru saves them once again. Though when they continue their trail Kohaku informs Sessh��maru that Rin has stopped breathing. Sessh��maru visibly shows his expression of worry. Sessh��maru commands Kohaku to set Rin down and Kohaku does. Sessh��maru unsheathes Tenseiga only to find out that he cannot save Rin. The darkness appears and snatches Rin from Kohaku and Sessh��maru, though they chase after the darkness. Sessh��maru's mother opens a pathway back to the world of the living for Sessh��maru. But Sessh��maru refuses to take it and Kohaku does as well. They are confronted with the Guardian of the Underworld. Sessh��maru cuts through the Guardian with Tenseiga and saves Rin. But when Sessh��maru commands Rin to rise she does not. Sessh��maru comes to the realization that he cannot save Rin. Sessh��maru lets go of Tenseiga and says, "Tenseiga, I let you [Rin] die for this thing". He realized at that moment that for Tensegia to gain the power he wanted it to have meant nothing to him at the cost of Rin's life. He is depicted in a moment of pain for the loss of his ward Rin. The Tenseiga glows and the mountain of corpses began to go near the Tenseiga. Sessh��maru somehow purifies the corpses with the power of Tenseiga and opens another portal from the underworld and returns to the world of the living. Sessh��maru sets Rin down and his mother reveals that Tenseiga cannot bring back a person from the dead twice. Seeing the grief this has brought Sessh��maru his mother places the Meid�� Stone on Rin. The necklace gleams brightly before Rin awakens, she coughs before Sessh��maru places his hand on her cheek. Rin looks up at him and calls his name as she places a hand on his.

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